My biggest fantasy… being with a girl and watching her fuck another guy… This is hands down my most lustful fantasy.  To be able to see her climb up on top of him and position her pussy directly above the head of his cock. Then watch as she slowly starts to lower herself all the way down to his balls as he penetrates her and knowing at that very moment another guys dick is inside her… That would turn me on so fucking much!  To hear them both moaning.. knowing he is claiming her pussy.. as she starts to ride him slowly at first.. while I watch his cock move in and out of her as she moves her hips so she takes him all the way down, then back up again.. then to see him reach up and grab her ass, holding on as she starts to bounce up and down on his dick… listening to her tell me how good he feels inside her… then watch as he starts to trust his hips upwards, fucking her in rhythm as she slams her pussy down on him.  To hear his breathing start to get louder.. knowing that he is soon to spray her insides with his cum…and by that time I see her lean down and kiss his earlobe, lightly sucking on it as she says to him “I want you to cum in me”… as he looks over at me and tells me he is going to fill her pussy soon… I start to feel the urge to tell him to pull out because a part of me doesn’t want him to mark her.. but I am consumed with passion knowing it’s what she wants.. as she looks over at me sensing my hesitation.. while she gives me that look of yearning.. almost as if she is begging me to allow it… I nod at her… as she starts moaning louder.. demanding that he cum inside her… I see him start to tense up as he suddenly yells out and cums hard.. blowing his load deep inside her! This triggers her to have an orgasm and I watch as she cums all over his dick as she screams out in ecstasy…as she slumps down on top of him, his cock still inside her… I watch as she crawls off of him, his dick slipping out of her.. and she lays down on her back beside him and spreads her legs and says to me ‘Look baby.. look at his cum”.. I watch as it leaks out of her.. and at this moment I am so turned on I can barely contain myself!

Spread open and right on the edge, just have to walk up behind her and stick it in that pretty pink pussy!  Mmmm.. fuck yes.

The things I would do to Riley Reid’s pussy…

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I love it when females hold their pussies open like this… so hot!

Hold that pussy open… I’m gonna slide my dick inside you…

Yeah baby… finger that pussy!

I love watching a girl finger fuck herself.. definitely a big turn on!

I love shaved pussy!  I can’t stand hairy pussy. God bless the women of the world that keep their pussies shaved.

Good girl.. keeping those pussy lips parted… LOVE IT!

Fuck.. I bet her pussy feels amazing!