Fuck.. I know it’s beyond corny but I feel like asking “Did it hurt?” To which she would reply: “Did what hurt?”… to which I would say:  ”When you fell from Heaven.”   Heh… I can’t help it.. this girl is beautiful!! She seriously has an angelic beauty.  Wow… she even sort of reminds me of Emmanuelle Béart from the old 80’s movie “Date with an Angel”.

I love blondes.. they are so fucking sexy.. this girl is absolutely gorgeous!

Mmmm… Got a pillow already propped up underneath her.. she’s ready to fuck.. I would love to be on my knees in front of her.. slapping her pussy with my cock.. teasing her just a little.. rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy getting her nice and wet.. then i would just hold onto her knees.. keeping her legs up like that and go balls deep inside of her…

If I walked into my room and saw her on my bed like that?  I would walk over to the side of the bed and kneel down onto the floor and have her scoot just a little closer to the edge of the bed… and I would bury my face between her legs and absolutely devour that pussy!

I would come up behind her.. shove her face down into the pillows.. grab her hips and lift them up so her ass was in the air and just down right dominate her.  I would fuck her as hard as I can, not stopping until I blow a massive load deep inside her pussy.  I wouldn’t even care if I knocked her up!  She is such a heavenly creature!

This has to be about the most gorgeous blonde I have ever seen in my life… I would literally beg to eat her pussy…I wouldn’t even need to fuck her.. I would be completely satisfied just tasting this beautiful creature. 

Hey baby.. need your pussy licked?  Back that beautiful ass up to my face and I’ll eat it for you!

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Mmmm.. Fucking love blondes!

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I have such a weakness for blondes…Would love to grab a handful of that beautiful blonde hair and fuck her from behind.

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I would love to bury my cock balls deep in that tight little asshole.

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